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About Journeys Unlimited

For over 30 years, Journeys Unlimited has provided life-changing travel experiences for the Christian community. Our faith-based tours bring the teachings of the Christian church alive. They provide pastors and parishioners with a transformational religious experience in fellowship with their Christian community.

We take great care to ensure that each trip is faithfully managed and quality controlled so that participants will be able to maximize the many opportunities for spiritual and educational engagement.

Our founders, Nick Mancino and Ray Masillo, began their ministry in travel in the 1960s, leading small groups on pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Nick and Ray saw the powerful impact these trips had on both pastors and parishioners. They transformed people’s lives and deepened their faith in surprising and unexpected ways. Recognizing the good in sharing such an experience with more Christians, Nick and Ray joined together in 1990 to form Journeys Unlimited.

Since its inception, Journeys has served the Christian community with tours for churches of all denominations and from most states. Our reputation for quality programs has made us one of the top tour providers to the Holy Land, as well as to conferences and special events of Christian interest. This commitment to service has also enabled us to expand and offer Christian tours to diverse destinations such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Italy, England, Germany, Poland, China, Australia, Zimbabwe. Our tours provide an in-depth discovery of the culture, people, and places relevant to the Christian faith, as well as give new insight into the history, church art, music, literature and architecture.

Custom Journeys

We also offer Custom Tours, to suit the needs of groups of all denominations. To organize a custom group journey please visit the Lead a Journey page, or reach out to us at 1-800-486-8359

Special Events

We also lead Christian travelers to spiritual conferences and special events, including: as Women in the Ministry, Peace Conference, Jerusalem 3000, the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany, and Luther Jar celebrations.

Getting The Word Out

Our experienced staff will guide you as to how you can generate interest, use collateral materials, technology and other proven methods to encourage participation.